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If you’re reading this, we share the same love. 

Products sold by Amor provide near perfect sound reproduction & transmission without mutation due to time or frequency.

We selectively choose products for our site to ensure each one is among the best in the industry. Afterall, when you’re passionate about pure sound, only the best will do.

What’s more? Our products are easy to use, no careful handling is necessary. And uniquely, both ends on our single ended interconnects and speaker cables can be used interchangeably.

What Our Customers Are Saying

With the X10, It was so EASY to discern the speaker pair that I believed provided greatest performance. No need to do 39 consecutive A/B comparisons. No need to tabulate my thoughts. No headaches.

I contacted CH Acoustic and purchased the X10 speaker cables.  Full loom equals full magic. I'm an audiophile. I have to have it!

Its an easy win for the CH Acoustic cables with balanced connections. The noise floor dropped, the outlines of sounds became easier to identify and locate, and more subtleties of music appeared. No negatives, only positives.