• The Audiophile Journey

    In college, like most, I acquired a sound system capable of “winning” the stereo wars in my dorm. Afterall -- this is where loud belongs. The only sound I cared about back then was obnoxiously loud. Post graduation, that transferred to trading in a fifth of my salary for my first, true audiophile system.  

    A mature audiophile with a hint of sarcasm.

  • Avoiding magnetic attraction - the key to superior sound

    Okay, fellow audiophiles, be sure to hold off on purchase decisions until you know what design aspect(s) enable the superior performance we’re all ...
  • Good Sound < Great Design

    If you want to truly forget Good Sound, make sure you’re buying products with GREAT design. 
  • Grab your wallet & forget ‘good’ sound for good.

    You’re in the midst of a pandemic and spending a lot of ‘quality’ time at home (lol), so now is the perfect time to perfect your audio system. I have a four-step plan for building it, so you can avoid wasting time and money on shoddy stuff. 
  • Break-In: A Barrier To Audiophile Gratification

    Why choosing the right hi-fi product COULD provide instant gratification. Break-In is often essential, but also a potentially dangerous part of the Audiophile journey.  Why?  Three reasons...Delayed gratification, Impaired selection, and Diminished performance. 

  • Do No Harm: The seemingly forgotten responsibility of the cable loom.

    An Audiophile’s cable loom (a true system component) has three, very straightforward responsibilities. Supply power to your components, transmit signal between components, and most importantly, Do no harm to the system. Unfortunately, most cable looms, not only poorly execute responsibilities #1 & #2, but consistently harm the performance of audiophile quality systems.  They FAIL!