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If you’re reading this, we share the same love. 

Products sold by Amor provide near perfect sound reproduction & transmission without mutation due to time or frequency. What’s more? Our products are easy to use, no careful handling is necessary. And uniquely, both ends on our single ended interconnects and speaker cables can be used interchangeably.

We selectively choose products for our site to ensure each one is among the best in the industry. After all, when you’re passionate about pure sound good sound isn't good enough.

Amor Sound is proud to currently offer products by CH Acoustic and is the exclusive retailer of the CH Acoustic Zafiro line.

CH Acoustic was born from a passion for music and high-quality audio. Our mission is to share that passion by connecting you to your music through quality audio cables and engaging content.

As a high-end cable manufacturer, CH Acoustic strives to address every detail of cable  construction. We pioneered the concepts of applied fractal geometry and precision electromagnetic fields in audio. We were the first to leverage these properties into an audio signal that is tightly focused into the center of the conductor, with zero radiated magnetic fields and without extraneous hardware.

Audiophiles relentlessly seek the highest possible audio quality. We aspire to the same pursuit of perfection in the craftsmanship of our audio cables and quality of our customer service. Each cable is handcrafted from the purest raw materials, with a level of precision and attention to detail comparable to the finest Swiss timepieces.

Music defines us. It shapes our memories, arouses our emotions, and influences our relationships. With CH Acoustic, you are able to get closer to the performance, closer to the way the music was intended to be heard.